About us

We would like to thank everyone and introduce 52Fifty2 Apparel.

Our company was started well before we even knew it existed, thanks to our parents who were extraordinary people to everyone that we knew of or that knew them.

Thinking back as far as we can remember, we were the family that had enough to get by because our parents provided for who needed so that meant there was a lot of sharing going on. We never went hungry, sometimes never had seconds but it was not an issue because there was a whole lot of love and care given to people who really did not get it from anywhere else.

Growing up in that environment, my sister and I naturally took on the same demeanor within our lives. We didn't even know how uniquely special it was until our dad fell ill and passed in 2018. Hearing the stories and finding out how much he contributed in time and other support efforts to so many people just left a void in our lives of the love given to us and shown by him to people.

Our parents were together for 52 years at this point and one stormy night my mom asked me how long had it been since my dad passed. I told her it was 51 days. The next morning our mother went to be with her husband. We had a lifetime of the most giving, sacrificing and loving people that we knew as our parents. 

52 years together, 52 days apart.

52Fifty2 Apparel is more than a company of clothing and apparel. It's a company that is built on love and compassion for people. It's a company that will give back as well because that is who we are. All of our prices have 52 cents on the end, which will be the minimum from each and every sale that will be donated to a cause or individuals directly to help a need.

Thank you again for Shopping In at 52FIFTY2 Apparel